Philthy Planet Earth Day Vintage T-Shirts : S-XL


Fashion is the one of the most polluting industries in the world!

For Earth day in the year of 2019, Trof decided to try to take part. For the Holiday, which should honestly be everyday that there isn't a holiday, we took nearly all of the vintage t-shirts that were available on the website and printed an earth day graphic over the previous graphic. By doing so we are creating new clothing by reusing old clothing. The world is philthy and one way to help is to reuse! Buy secondhand! We printed over 100 of these shirts, but other than a few duplicate shirts, they are all different 1 of 1's! Some shirts are pre-owned vintage and some are New with tags still. They all have a previous graphic on them and some have graphics on front and back. Some are better than others, but we are selling them at random, you just choose a size.

*These are just 3 of the +50 shirts made that are left


When you buy one of these shirts, Phil of Trof will personally go outside and pickup a fat bag of litter from the streets of the world, in your honor! We will even provide photos of the bag of trash with your name on it haha. SO by buying this shirt, you are helping to clean the earth of litter; how cool!

$ 50.00

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